Spark Energy did an excellent job in providing a cost effective solution for the replacement of our old coal fired boilers
— Frans van Boekhout, EO
I would happily recommend this great heating solution and the team of Spark Energy to any other school considering to upgrade their heating system, and do their bit for the environment too.
— Ray Ritchie, Caretaker
We have been impressed with Spark Energy taking ownership of the expedient design and delivery of the wood boiler works from the moment they arrived on site
— Paddy Bleach, Project Manager
We are also very happy with the way the fuel deliveries are handled and support provided by Spark Energy and its team of local support crew
— Gerard Stribling, Property Manager
Spark Energy have been a pleasure to work with, when they say they will do something it gets done and in good time
— Andrew Borthwick, Finance Director
Importantly, the project came in on budget, was delivered on time for our processing season and we now feel we have found a genuine wood heat partner for our business
— Jonny Hazlett, CEO

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