About us

Spark Energy helps businesses save up 80% on heating using a 100% renewable fuel, grown right on our doorstep. Wood, that is. We started doing this at a time when most of us still thought heating with wood meant stuffing a little steel box in the living room with a carboot full of logs.  We have come a long way since then, with a growing list of progressive businesses around New Zealand embracing our innovative wood energy solutions.

We pride ourselves on making the transition to woody enlightenment as smooth as possible. And fully understand that customers want results and accountability, so have a team of staff and delivery partners that are genuinely concerned about making a difference.  Day-to-day ease of operation, a responsive support team and making that attractive payback a reality for our clients are central axioms to your success and our business. 

Accountability is big on our list of deliverables.  In fact, our entire business model is based on embedding accountability in our solutions.  That’s why we not only sell and install wood boilers, we also supply the wood fuel and look after the boilers once installed.  For you, it means a single engaged delivery partner committed to making a success of your new wood boiler installation.

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