Design-build wood energy contracting

Your benefits

  • Single delivery partner (project meetings need a small table only!)

  • We can give you certainty on key performance deliverables such as boiler power and efficiency

  • All key subtrades seamlessly integrated by seasoned wood energy project manager


Design-build wood energy contracting; that's a mouthful.  It means we take ownership of your wood boiler installation delivering on expectations.  Not only in terms of the smooth delivery of the project at that start of its life but also in making sure that you will get the savings and levels of convenience once in place.  Importantly, this is what we do and what we are good at;  we don't do heat pumps (sure don't look like Stephen Fleming), plumbing or engage in other sports outside our core competency.  That way you know we are focused on getting everything right, as our reputation is only as good as the last project.

We like getting a seat at the design and planning table when your consultant or you starts thinking about converting to wood.  That way, we can pass on lessons learned from prior projects on fuel delivery logistics, pros and cons of fuel store sizing and total-cost-of-ownership considerations to make sure the new system is well integrated within your business.

The first step is easy.  Give us a call on 03 428 2992 (or one of our existing customers for that matter) and we'll get started.