Wood heat contracting

Your benefits

  • Fully outsourced heating solution so you can focus on your core business, leaving heat delivery to us
  • Single heat charge, metered monthly, covers fuel, maintenance, ash removal, principal amortisation and funding cost
  • Wood heat contract is like a hire purchase agreement with a number of added-value services added

Careful design is everything

From the very start, we will consider every element that makes for an outstanding wood energy solution — heat load profile, fuel logistics, firebox selection, fuel storage and after-sales support.  Working in closely with you and your advisers, we strive to engineer each of them to deliver the best possible value outcome. When we put it all together, we know that the result is attuned to your needs and best aligned with technology available. This inclusive approach is different from a more traditional silo-based design approach.

The right team for the job

Traditionally, mechanical contracts are defined with reference to engineering specifications.  This is very effective when considering system components that can deliver with little reference to the broader system design. But in the context of a wood energy solution, where fuel logistics, boiler selection and after-sales support are vital ingredients to a successful client outcome, a fully integrated design-build approach delivers best results.

We work closely with pre-qualified local suppliers and contractors to deliver each aspect of the works, whether it be building works, mechanical or electrical works.  Importantly, our delivery partners are selected for an outcome-based approach to their business rather than the more traditional scope-based methodology.  At the front end, Spark Energy will present a single accountable project partner with an interest in the long-term efficacy of your wood energy solution.

Once the heat starts flowing

Your new wood energy solution features sophisticated controls and mechanical technology, designed for ease-of-use by the operator.   Our support infrastructure is never far away with boiler technicians able to deliver scheduled servicing and controls specialists able to tune your boiler to meet seasonal operating conditions.  All done remotely to keep costs down or, at that time when on-site support is needed, we can be there at short notice.  That way, your “up time” is maximised and you can keep on saving on outgoings.

This fully integrated service model for the commercial market is unique to Spark Energy.  It makes so much sense, it’s now hard to imagine delivering wood energy solutions any other way.