“Spark Energy and Eduard Ebbinge were engaged as the lead Contractors for our project. From start to finish, they delivered above and beyond what we expected. Lines of communication were clear and concise. The same can be said about the various subcontractors who were used as well. In my 31 years as a school principal, I have never met a more efficient and well organised company. They know their product so well, their designs were easy to follow and understand, and they delivered according to agreed timelines.

At all times, our questions were answered clearly without a whole lot of technical jargon. Once installed, excellent training was given to those who would be using the boiler. In addition, we had at all times, at least two contacts who we could phone for urgent assistance if needed - and they answered their cellphones when called and came immediately when required! I have no hesitation at all in recommending Spark Energy to anyone considering a change to their energy provider.”

- Steve Hayward, Principal, Green Island School, Dunedin

“After many years working with coal at our school, we recently had a new ETA wood chip boiler installed and it has certainly changed the way I think about wood heating.  The system is fully automated, barely produces any ash and it is just so clean all around! The project was delivered right on time and contractor Spark Energy had a great team of guys on site that communicated well, worked hard to get the job done to a high standard and really took ownership of the end result.  We now have a truck arrive on site from time to time to deliver wood chips and it is nice to know we are using a renewable fuel with just the odd puff of steam coming out of the flue rather than the dark smoke of coal.  I would happily recommend this great heating solution and the team of Spark Energy to any other school considering to upgrade their heating system, and do their bit for the environment too."

- Ray Ritchie, Caretaker, Goldfields School, Cromwell

“Spark Energy did an excellent job in providing a cost effective solution for the replacement of our old coal fired boilers. Both boilers were effectively replaced by a very efficient wood pellet or chip boiler backed up by one of the coal boilers which was converted to diesel to take care of any peak loads and for latency. ”

— Frans van Boekhout, Resource Manager, Nelson College for Girls, Nelson


"Spark Energy acted as a design-build subcontractor to Arrow on a new aged care facility in Central Otago.  We have been impressed with Spark Energy taking ownership of the expedient design and delivery of the wood boiler works from the moment they arrived on site.  Excellent workmanship and focus on getting the final bits done further marked their presence on site.  I would thus not hesitate recommending Spark Energy as a highly capable wood heating contractor."

- Paddy Bleach, Project Manager, Arrow International

“NME Mechanical had not installed a wood chip boiler until recently when awarded the contract to install am ETA HACK 130kW boiler at the BRANZ Research Facility in Wellington. We discovered to our satisfaction that all aspects of this installation from ash removal to installing the fuel feed conveyer and agitator was a problem free exercise. We believe this due in part to the design of the boiler, level of support and information made available by Spark Energy when required. ”

- Matt Nolan, NME Mechanical, Wellington

aged care operators

“Spark Energy as main contractor have been fantastic to deal with. They have a great enthusiasm for the product and service they are delivering. Spark Energy have been a pleasure to work with, when they say they will do something it gets done and in good time. It is obvious that Spark Energy understand and believe in exceptional client service and I would not hesitate in recommending them to others.”

- Andrew Borthwick, Finance Director, Presbyterian Support Otago, Dunedin

“The wood chip boiler quietly hums along day and night and apart from the odd rake out of the grate and the odd adjustment I have really no other input. Spark Energy regularly checks in by phone, email or in person and keeps us up to date on all the information on the boiler via computer link.”

- Bob Mason, Fix It Man, Ross Home and Hospital

"The Aspiring Enliven aged care project in Wanaka is the second wood chip boiler project that we have procured from Spark Energy. The decision to work with Spark Energy again was taken with reference to good value across the entire solution, from boiler technology to fuel supply, and a responsive after-sales care team. The performance on the Wanaka project has once again demonstrated that they care about getting it right and will work quietly in the background to make the most of wood heating for our organisation. I would not hesitate to recommend Spark Energy to any business looking for a heating solution with outstanding lifecycle costs and that makes a difference to the environment too."

- Annie Robinson, Property Manager, Presbyterian Support Otago

“After the usual teething matters had been put to bed, the boiler is now quietly humming away with surprisingly little maintenance requirements. We are also very happy with the way the fuel deliveries are handled and support provided by Spark Energy and its team of local support crew. In particular, knowing that we are now using a renewable fuel that is not dependent on in-ground fuel supply reticulation systems like LPG or power is an important factor here in Christchurch…”.

- Gerard Stribling, Property Maintenance Supervisor, Nazareth Care

process heat users

“It is great to be involved with this exciting project; I am proud of what we have achieved. The new wood chip boiler is not only good news for the pool and the Council’s balance sheet, it is good news for Gisborne and the local economy as well. ”

- Hendrik Geyer, Manager, Gisborne Olympic Pool, Gisborne

“From the outset, Spark Energy has taken full ownership of the “to-budget” and “on-time” delivery of this project. Not only have we found them to be most responsive to our information needs throughout the course of the implementation, their highly professional and collaborative approach to the project has been second to none. Down to the very last stages of the project, they have made sure that all T’s were crossed and have been responsive in ironing out small wrinkles along the way. Importantly, the project came in on budget, was delivered on time for our processing season and we now feel we have found a genuine wood heat partner for our business.”

- Jonny Hazlett, Managing Director, Slink Skins, Thornbury

accommodation providers

“We would not hesitate in recommending Spark Energy to any business considering a move to a cost-effective and sustainable wood-fired heating solution.”

- Don Hughes, Buildings Officer, Knox College, Dunedin