One of the most frequent barriers for heat users to make the choice for a wood-fired heating boiler is the upfront investment, often a multiple of the cost of alternative technologies that come with much higher fuel outgoings.  The fuel cost savings associated with a wood fired boiler are, however, so substantial that these vastly outstrip the upfront premium for the system.  Spark Energy is one of the few wood energy companies that offer a finance solution (wood energy finance) that helps heat users that stand to make large savings from a wood energy solution, yet lack the budget to pay for the premium of a modern wood boiler.

Wood energy finance works much the same as a traditional hire purchase agreement and becomes very attractive where the added cost of the finance is outweighed by the savings on fuel over time.  That way, the heat user wins as they are better off from a cashflow point of view relative to opting for a LPG or diesel fired heating solution and still stay within their capex budget for the new heating system.

To explain how it works, we have put together an information leaflet that can be downloaded from this link.  Alternatively, you can call us on 03 428 2992 to discuss in more detail.